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Greetings Clan Celtiberos,

Clan Community Shield is honoured to invite you to take part in the upcoming CCS Season 2, which will be run using Napoleon Total War. It will be a 32 Clan league tournament, played in a 3v3 format. The Rules and Map for the tournament will ofcourse be decided and announced after the game is released.
If your clan wishes to sign up for this tournament then register here.
Season One was a big success, with 36 clans competing in 4 leagues, we hosted the biggest clan-tournament in Total War history. Many games were broadcast live over the internet for everyone to watch, something never seen before in the Total War community.
With the launch of CA's new Empire Total War our hard work was acknowledged by giving us an affiliate profile on the official Total War Website.


CCS Team.
CCS Season 2 Invitat ...

Greetings Celtiberos Clan!

It is my great honour to invite you to take part in this 2v2 Tournament for Empire Total War.
Feel free to read up on the rules here and register here.


Empire Total War 2v2 ...
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