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NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links
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TEMA: NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links

NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links 20 Ago 2016 17:08 #77799

  • Lancier
  • Edil
  • Battle on!..
  • Temas: 42
NTW3 version 6.0 topic on Lordz forum

Lord Cosak escribió:
Napoleonic Total War III version 6.0

  • Main features
    • 1015 units (360 new)
    • 159 historical generals (122 new)
    • 33 factions (4 new + 2 widely reshaped)
    • 55 scenarios (new feature)
    • Major gameplay changes (see details below)
    • This is MP-only mod for now; SP campaign will be released in a later patch, such as other submods.
  • New factions
    • France 1806: the strongest faction ever in NTW3, the unstoppable French army who rolled over Europe from 1805 to 1809; fast, strong, and no weaknesses.
    • Prussia 1806: a highly-trained army but stuck in the Seven Years' War warfare; this powerful army might be the best to hold the line but will quickly collapse as soon as breach is created.
    • Russia 1807: Kutuzov's army from Austerlitz to Friedland, reformed after Tilsit, relying on very strong artillery and heavy cavalry.
    • Saxony 1806: the old electorate of Saxony, still with a tradition for great horsemen.
  • Generals
    • All generals are now to be considered as usual units. They can fight (most of them very badly), they are vulnerable to round shots and musket fire, and the Lordz recommend to stop sparing your opponent's general like a holy being on the battlefield. Like in chess, protect your general if you don't want to lose.
    • Most general units are a small cavalry squadron with weak fighting stats, though not insignificant.
    • About 25% of generals are embedded in fightings units, mostly cavalry, some infantry, and very few artillery batteries. Except artillery generals, all of them can inspire and rally like any other generals. These embedded generals are very cost-effective but use them at your own risk: your only general will fight in the front line.
  • Infantry
    • Many battle mechanics have changed but the most important about infantry is the ability to form squares. In v6 only the very good or elite units are able to form squares. This crucial decision has been taken after many attempts to get rid of or bypass the meaningless instant-square in the NTW engine.
    • Any unit with the square ability will cost more. So if a nation has many units able to form squares, all these units will be significantly more expensive.
    • United Kingdom, Sweden and the French Imperial Guard are the most 'square-friendly' factions.
    • Ottomans and Saxony 1806 don't have any unit in their roster able to form a square.
  • Cavalry
    • Because of infantry's major change regarding squares, cavalry units are now smaller in numbers, and more vulnerable to artillery fire.
    • Elite heavy / medium / light cavalry run and charge faster than their regular fellows.
    • Militia infantry will very quickly rout against cavalry.
  • Artillery
    • Canister takes slightly longer to reload.
    • Round shots are far more powerful.
    • Only guard artillery units and heaviest guns have the "reload of fire" boost.
  • Scenarios
    • All of them (except for the "Lone Wolf" ones) are inspired by real battles (initial deploy zones, units), made to be played as regular MP battles.
    • Each scenario has a short description about its rules, displayed in the scenarios' menu. Most of them are LOC battles, 1 point per building, but some have specific rules of victory (ie. Krasnoie), and several requires one side to hold a pre-defined amount of buildings to win.
    • Each scenario's description also contains data on its armies' power. Some scenarios are exactly even in power, some aren't but this disbalance is usualyl compensated by favourable initial positions.
    • Most scenarios allow players to deploy their units before the battle starts in a limited space, but some scenarios (HB-related) have stricter rules and players can't move their units until the battle starts (ie. Austerlitz, Jena, Borodino). The Waterloo battles have specific rules of engagement.
    • Every faction in NTW3 appears at least once in a scenario, save from Sardinia.
  • Download & installation

Vive L'Empereur!
Última Edición: 21 Ago 2016 02:22 Por Lancier.

Re: NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links 20 Ago 2016 17:09 #77800

  • Lancier
  • Edil
  • Battle on!..
  • Temas: 42
Lord Uxbridge escribió:
There are some big unit rosters so we highly recommend using the unit selection ui mod.

Just copy and paste into your ntw data folder.

Vive L'Empereur!
Última Edición: 20 Ago 2016 17:09 Por Lancier.

Re: NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links 21 Ago 2016 11:15 #77804

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1977
Muchas gracias Lancier!!

Re: NTW3 6.0 - Release Notes & Download Links 21 Ago 2016 23:58 #77806

Thx m8
What would we do without your legendary communication habilities !!
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