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Avances: Las facciones.
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TEMA: Avances: Las facciones.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 27 Abr 2013 09:06 #63939

¿Qué sentido tiene un DLC gratis sacado el mismo dia que sale el juego? ¿Por qué no lo meten en el juego directamente?

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 28 Abr 2013 00:50 #63947

Seguramente es por evitar la pirateria, si por meter tu cd/key original te dan una faccion que los piratas no tienen... pues algunas personas que tenian pensado piratearlo se lo compraran.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 28 Abr 2013 11:14 #63948

O tambien puede ser para que nos vallamos acostumbrando a pagar por otros.
"El heladito de limón es gratis, el de chocolate a 3 euros"

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 28 Abr 2013 12:11 #63950

Si es por pirateria. Están en otro mundo. ¿O es que no saben que ni cd-keys, ni steam, ni el CD metido, ni conexión permanente, ni pitos, ni flautas evita la piratería? Es una chorrada que lo único que hace es complicar algo que no tiene por que ser tan complicado a cambio de nada para nadie.

Yo creo que lo único que funciona es lo que se ha sacado de la manga Blizzard con Diablo III que no es algo muy popular precisamente. Yo espero que ni se les ocurra intentar hacer algo parecido.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 28 Abr 2013 13:15 #63951

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1987
Absolutamente ningún método antipiratería funciona, ninguno. Igual que te piratean el juego te sacan los parches y los dlc perfectamente.

Yo opto más por lo que dice Clearco, pero me da que este era el úlltimo helado de limón...

En mi opinión el único método antipiratería que "funciona" es el de CD-Project, no meter ningún sistema antipiratería y todo ese tiempo perdido dedicarselo a hacer un juegazo. Porque si interesa, todo es pirateable y en muy poco tiempo.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 09 May 2013 17:02 #64040

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1987
3 nuevas facciones jugables se suman a las anteriores, estas vendrán en el pack de cultura Griega.


“Knowledge, Wisdom, Prosperity.”

The model of democracy, Athens controls the prosperous region of Attica and its fleets continue to be a dominant force in the eastern Mediterranean. A centre of culture and philosophy, its dignitaries lead the vanguard of Greek achievement and learning.

Renowned for its architecture, art and writing, Athens has long been famed for its cultural achievements – from buildings such as the Parthenon, dedicated to Athena the patron of the city, to the plays and works of Aristophanes, Plato, Socrates, and Sophocles. In many ways, Greek culture is defined by Athens.

Throughout the Greco-Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, the city state remained both fiercely independent and a leading power of the time, but became part of the wider Macedonian Empire following Phillip II’s decisive victory at the Battle of Chaeronea in 338 BC. Following the death of Alexander the Great, his generals fought over Athens, particularly the heirs of the Antigonid and Ptolemaic dynasties.

Ever since they were advised by the Oracle at Delphi to put faith in the city's wooden walls during the Persian Wars, Athens’ military focus has long been its navy. However, continuing the traditions of the classical era, its citizens are also expected to contribute both infantry and cavalry to its armies, although mercenary troops now supplement their numbers. With a strong backbone of spear-bearing Hoplite units supported by archers, a fully formed-up Athenian army makes for a formidable sight – and a tough nut to crack.

Forever influential, but still not fully independent of Macedonian rule, Athens has the opportunity to break free and potentially found a third Athenian League, asserting authority over long term allies and adversaries alike, such as Sparta, Thebes and Corinth.

As a city state, the capital city of Athenai enjoys great wealth, and its rich classical heritage makes it easier for their conquests to convert to the Athenian way of life. Its strong naval tradition gives its fleets the upper hand, with the downside being that her land units are less developed.


“Growth, Legacy, Command.”

Situated on the Adriatic Sea, Epirus is a Greek kingdom formed of numerous small villages and towns, rather than the great cities of the south. An agriculture and fishing-based society, Epirus nevertheless maintains a balanced army on the Alexandrian model, consisting of cavalry, archers, peltasts, pikemen and war elephants. They also make extensive use of mercenaries from throughout the Greek-speaking world.

With an economy focused on a diverse and scattered agricultural base, most of Epirus' trade is conducted via its fishing ports on the Adriatic Sea. These also provide the basis for its fleets and a means for its dignitaries to travel abroad.

Ruled by the Molossian Aeacidae dynasty, the kings of Epirus claim descent from Achilles and Deidamea. With close connections to Macedon, through the marriage of the princess Olympias to Phillip II, Epirus prospered under the empire of their son, Alexander the Great. During the Wars of the Successors (322 – 275 BC), the Epirot throne was reclaimed through the political manoeuvring of King Pyrrhus with the military backing of Ptolemaic Egypt. In 281 BC, again with Egyptian support, Pyrrhus entered into conflict with Rome to aid the Greek colony of Tarentum. Although a master tactician, his ‘Pyrrhic victories’ have already become synonymous with success at devastating cost.

Epirus now faces many choices; across the Adriatic Sea is Rome, to the east Macedon, and to the south Sparta. Will they be potential allies, or enemies to conquer?

Epirus is a nation of great commanders and, as such, its generals and admirals enjoy a greater command aura in battle. As a nation centred more around village life than the city, Epirus also gains increased income from smaller settlements. However, their chequered past with the Greek states and colonies means they suffer major penalties to diplomatic relations with other Hellenic factions.


“Discipline, Glory, Conquest.”

With every aspect of their lives and society geared towards warfare, Sparta dominated the Greek world and continues to produce arguably the finest soldiers of the Hellenic period. Trained and hardened in the Spartan Agoge and Krypteia, their warriors and leaders are the embodiment of military discipline and virtue.

Composed of The Spartiates (the citizens), The Periokoi (a class of free, non-citizen merchants and traders) and The Helots (a slave class of agricultural labourers), the Lacedaemonian state was an efficient, if brutal, war machine. Where the slaves of Athens enabled its citizens to pursue art and philosophy, the slaves and non-citizens of Sparta enabled their citizens to pursue warrior perfection as soldiers and champions. Few have fought toe-to-toe with the Royal Spartans and lived to tell the tale.

Having played a prominent role in the Greco-Persian War, including the legendary stand of the 300 at Thermopylae, and after victory in the Peloponnesus, Sparta’s power and dominance only began to wane following their defeat at the Battle of Leuctra, in 371 BC, during the aftermath of the Corinthian War. They were eventually forced to submit and join the League of Corinth, under Phillip II of Macedon, following the massacre at the Siege of Megalopolis in 331 BC.

What course Sparta will take now is unclear. Historically, it became an ally of Rome during the Punic Wars. Whether it will follow this path, or conquer Alexander’s former territories, reclaiming its former glory, who can say?

Trained to a level of martial prowess few others achieve, Spartan troops are excellent warriors, and, due to their oppression of the Helot people, they suffer less public discontent due to slavery than other factions. However, due to their Laconic austerity and focus on military training, Sparta benefits less from natural resources.

Aquí el post con el trailer dejado por BarbaroIberico

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 23 Ago 2013 15:06 #66687

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1987
Bueno pues para tener todas agrupaditas aquí os dejo la descripción del Imperio Seléucida del que nos acaba de avisar gustdenerja en este post.

“Tolerance, diversity, strength”

Although eventually embracing many eastern customs, the Seleucids are renowned for their city building and civil engineering, driving Greek colonisation and Hellenization. Furnished with expert cavalry, including cataphracts, horse skirmishers and war elephants, Seleucid armies also sport a solid core of excellent spear and pike infantry provided by a growing number of Greek-speaking colonists.

As the campaign begins, such measures are a necessity when faced with the continuing threat from their Ptolemaic Egyptian neighbours and upheaval among the Seleucid's satrapies. Ever the opportunists however, the Seleucid kings may yet turn the tables, bringing much of Alexander’s former western empire under their sway.

Founded by Seleucus Nicator, or Seleucus the Victor, at its height the vast Seleucid Empire stretched from western Anatolia as far east as the Indus River. During the turmoil of the Wars of the Successors, the Seleucids were able to claim and expand Alexander the Great’s eastern empire, as well as parts of Asia Minor.

Seleucus sealed his overall victory at the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC. Fielding 500 war elephants, gained through negotiating peace on his eastern border with the Emperor Chandragupta Maurya, his forces proved decisive. The territory under his control contained a diverse range of eastern subcultures, which rapidly became Hellenized by the ruling Macedonian elite and a flood of Greek settlers.

Despite a sometimes precarious position at home, the Seleucids now plan to expand. But where? Into Ptolemaic Egypt? Or beyond, to Alexander’s former western empire in Greece and Macedon? Influenced by their cultural assimilation of eastern culture, The Seleucids have little tolerance for the concept and practice of slavery. As a heavily multicultural society, they also suffer less from public order issues arising from foreign cultures entering their territories. In battle, the Seleucids have access to a wide-ranging roster; as such, they can field capable, balanced and incredibly diverse armies and navies.

DLC gratuito.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 23 Ago 2013 15:19 #66688

Pues yo tengo la esperanza de que el dlc de los Celtíberos sea de pago. De echo tengo la esperanza de que sea muy, muy caro y para justificar dicho coste que sea muy, muy bueno.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 23 Ago 2013 15:25 #66690

Jajaj, curiosa perspectiva. Si eso viniese acompañado por una profundización del mapa de Iberia, bienvenido sea, que nos cobren 20 € por el DLC xD.

PD: no sabía donde colocarlo y ya que habeis sacado a flote este post. Aquí lo dejo.


Re: Avances: Las facciones. 23 Ago 2013 15:52 #66693

A ver si siguen la tendencia y cada vez que saquen uno de pago nos suelten uno gratis.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 28 Ago 2013 20:19 #67041

  • CeltíberoCarlos
  • Bardo Celta
  • What would you do with a drunken sailor?
  • Temas: 549
Yo compré el juego por Steam. El DLC de los griegos me viene automaticamente cuando se me descarga el juego o debo canjear alguna clave que me manden?

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 29 Ago 2013 23:54 #67140

  • Mirkt
  • Edil
  • Temas: 41
Te viene automáticamente cuando lo instales (el dia 3), y que ganas tengo de jugarlo, ya terminé la precarga....

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 04 Dic 2013 21:22 #70567

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1987
3 facciones jugables serán las que nos traerá el dlc de pago "Caesar in Gaul".


“Earth, Pride, Herd”

A Celtic tribe, the Boii were fierce warriors and, at least originally, semi-nomadic herders. Their name itself derives from either the word for ‘warrior’ or ‘cow’, thus making them the ‘warrior people’ or ‘herding people’.

Although their exact origins remain unclear, by 390BC the Boii had taken part in the Celtic incursions into northern Italy. Moving south, over the Alps, they drove back the Etruscans and occupied their territory. At the same time, on the other side of the Alps, they also moved east, into modern day Eastern Germany and Bohemia, itself named for the tribe which settled there.

Leading a frugal lifestyle, Boii society was geared towards warfare and agriculture, their most prized commodities being gold and livestock. Status amongst their leaders was judged not only through military prowess, but the amount of cattle owned and retinue supported. Historically, the Boii allied with the other tribes of Cisalpine Gaul and the Etruscans against the rapidly-expanding Roman Republic. Defeated and driven back, in later years some of the tribe joined the Helvetii in the migration that sparked Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and later supported Vercingetorix at the Battle of Alesia.

In the east, their territories eventually fell to the Dacians. From their current central European position however, the Boii are well placed to strike south into either Italy or Greece, west into Gaul, or east against the Dacian tribes.

The Boii feel the urge to move and conquer, and as such, they enjoy a morale boost when in enemy territory. Accomplished farmers, they also benefit from greater income from agricultural buildings. However, their unique outlook and warlike nature mean they struggle to find common ground with other barbarian factions.


“Raid, Focus, Dominate”

Celts of Gallic descent, the Galatians came to settle in and dominate areas of central Anatolia and Phrygia. Proud warriors, famed for their skill, loyalty, and ferocity in battle, they were highly prized as mercenaries throughout the Hellenistic world. It was 300 Galatian warriors that Julius Caesar gifted Cleopatra in 48BC as her bodyguard, such was their fearsome reputation.

Comprised of three tribes, the Tectosages, Tolistobogii, and Trocmi, the Galatians splintered off from Brennus’ Gauls during their invasion of Macedon and Greece in 279BC. Moving first through Thrace, they crossed the Bosporus into Asia Minor as allies of Nicomedes of Bithynia, in exchange for defeating his brother in their dynastic quarrel. After joining Nicomedes in a brief struggle against the expansionist Seleucids, they settled the area that would eventually become known as Galatia. The territory was divided between the three tribes, each maintaining its own capital and rule, but coming together in council at Drynemeton, a sacred grove of oaks situated southwest of Ancyra, the Tectosages’ capital. Leaving the indigenous Cappadocians relative control of their own lands in exchange for tithes, the Galatians became a military aristocracy. Much like the Spartans, this enabled them to focus on their martial skills. Fighting in the Celtic style, they made deadly use of swords, javelins, and oval shields.

Situated at the heart of Asia Minor, the Galatians have many choices before them. Extend their control over Cappadocia, or strike for the sea, through Pontus, Pergamon, or Bithynia and, with their position consolidated, sweep either east or west…

The Galatians are accomplished plunderers, gaining increased income from raiding and sacking, and their cultural affinity with Hellenic factions pays dividends at the diplomacy table. However, as a relatively isolated faction, they face heavier recruitment costs than most.


“Bravery, Austerity, Tradition”

A Celto-Germanic people, the Nervii were the most fierce – and fearless – of the Belgae tribes inhabiting northern Gaul, and renowned for their courage.

At the Battle of Sabis in 57BC, where their surprise attack almost defeated Caesar’s legions, they fought until only 500 of their original 60,000 warriors remained. Such bravery was at the heart of their culture, which was Spartan-like in both outlook and reputation. The Nervii would eschew all luxury, especially alcohol, which they perceived made the body and spirit weak. Instead, they pursued the traditions of their Celtic and Germanic origins, venerating the cult of the hero-warrior. As such, their kings and chieftains were chosen due to their martial prowess and wise leadership.

With such great emphasis placed on an individual’s skill and bravery in battle, the Nervii rarely used cavalry and missile weapons, apart from javelin-like lances. They instead favoured ambushes and lightning assaults to close quickly with their enemy and prove their mettle.

At the start of their campaign the Nervii have cordial ties to neighbouring tribes such as the Atrebates and Viromandui, as well as the wider Belgae tribal network stretching as far as Britannia. As such, they are in an excellent position to strengthen these bonds while moving deeper into Gaul. In fact, their fearsome reputation and skill in battle makes Nervii expansion further to the east or south highly probable…

Fearless warriors, the Nervii enjoy a boost to morale in friendly territories, and are also highly skilled ambushers. However, they lead an austere existence, resulting in lower industrial and commercial income than most.

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 05 Dic 2013 09:18 #70572

mas y mas barbaros, con lo poco que me gustan estas facciones

Re: Avances: Las facciones. 05 Dic 2013 10:02 #70574

  • CeltíberoJaskier
  • Brujo Ártabro
  • Si te caes siete veces, levántate ocho.
  • Temas: 1987
A mi las que no me gustan son las de los nómadas
Creo que no existe peor facción para el multi, especialmente para las batallas rápidas, no he vuelto a jugar una desde hace semanas por la mierda de los caballos y los giris, que una vez pierden se ponen a huir por el mapa hasta que se acaba el tiempo para conseguir un miserable empate
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