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TEMA: The Final Buhurt

The Final Buhurt 27 Nov 2008 18:31 #17457

Turnament Intro Music

Hail Great Warriors and Knights! I have came to tell You about Tournament, but what a Tourney it will be! The Final Buhurt for all knights of medieval. The last Tournament held on Medieval. Soon we will enter a time of muskets, powder and great empires. Let's say a great and bloody "goodbye" to Medieval era. May the swords clash, arrows fly, lances crush. Join now the Final Buhurt and show that You are worth of being called: The Lords of Medieval!

Tournament is hosted by IPL clan with large help from all good people of MTW2 scene, it is a salutation to all Total War Community from all over the World and it purpose is to strengthen bonds between members of this community. We hope that you will enjoy it. Numbers of team participating is limited so register as fast as you can on [url:1z24yeb9][/url]. You will find all rules there.

Re: The Final Buhurt 27 Nov 2008 18:50 #17461

Thanks Marcellus for you invitation ,and you are right, powder and empire age are too close we have now to forget old swords times and take up our musket and fight on a different battlefield.....long time ago i can remember times with epic battles, swords , spears and shields were glorious weapons to use in, now powder age is here.....Will we survive to this new age?......
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