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TEMA: Parche 9.7

Parche 9.7 12 Abr 2016 16:26 #75970

Monthly content patch will be deployed tomorrow 13th of April.

What's new:

Main and the most exciting feature: Land in battles
We developed an amazing tech fully replicating open world land in battle instances. This will bring an extra dimension to combat visually and in gameplay (especially when fighting close to land). Expect multiple bugs with this feature including performance related issues. Very large battles close to land will most likely lower your FPS. To minimize the problem we suggest tweaking the settings.

Rules of engagement changes
  • Land in battles changed Rules of Engagement.
    • Players who are pulled into instance will spawn in exact positions form the open world.
    • If you have enemies ahead of you they will be ahead of you in battle.
    • Please be more careful when engaging enemies and avoid situation where you can spawn surrounded.
  • Lag compensation visual circle is added. When you select a ship you will see a small circle around it. If you attack the enemy within that small circle your spawn positions are not guaranteed. If you want to guarantee exact position for spawns attack outside of that small circle.
  • The land in battles spawning has not been tested in large player base environment and we will need your feedback.

Reinforcements changes.
  • Reinforcements are now positional, but they always come a good distance away from the main engagement.
  • Because spawns are now fully positional and you can place yourself very close to the enemy – ships now start the battles with guns unloaded (as it was some time before in early testing)
  • Important: Port battles will continue to be played in separate instances (old system) until their full rework in the next content patches.

Soften the ganking.
  • Ganking is considered a main problem by a large portion of the community and needs to be lessened a bit. We are bringing back an old feature FOR TESTING that was in game before the release. Initial attack does not have any limitations as before. But entering the battle cannot change the balance in battle for more than 1.5x BR difference. In this case if you got yourself into an even fight enemies close by will not be able to unbalance the battle. Of course if you see a large fleet on the horizon its still better to run.
  • Attacks in the protected areas are now prohibited by design (even on NPCs) to avoid pulling your fleets into battles by hidden alts or by mistakes
  • We are aware of the counter-tag issues and ROE will be addressed eventually.

Mortar brig added
  • Historically accurate mortar vessel has been added to the game. Its main purpose is to destroy land fortifications and stationary ships. It is not fully tuned gameplay wise and we expect you to provide a lot of feedback on the mortar brig gameplay and potential improvements.
  • Mortars are switched on by pressing K. Min fire distance is 1.5 km. Ball takes 30 seconds on average to reach the target.

Duel room added
  • If you enter the duel room the combat will automatically start with another player waiting in the lobby if he has the same ship as you. In the future the threshold might be increased. Please provide feedback on the battle timers and exit timers in duels.

PvE content
  • Large NPC fleets added to open world
  • Generated Epic events adjusted to your group size have been added to the open world (randomly placed)
  • Fleet orders added to mission list – allowing players to participate in group NPC battles
  • Fleet orders can be entered as a group
  • You can now take missions of every level (both fleet and single ship missions)
  • Important: Combat NPC ships are now transferred to the admiralty after capture – admiralty immediately provides the compensation for the captured ship durability. But you cannot capture NPC ships any more. Trading ships can be captured.

Other changes
  • You can now disable reload (by keeping the ability to fire) for the whole broadside by pressing F5 - this will free up men if you don't plan to use that side of the ship in combat
  • Leak system reworked. If you shoot at the right places when ship or waves are in the right heel or position you can sink the ship by just generating enough leaks.
  • Group size has been increased to 12 people for the open world combat and events. Small and large battle events only accept groups up to 6 men to avoid un-balanced fights in the events.
  • All ships up to heavy frigates have been added to NPC stores.
  • Extra notifications added for creating new characters and for deleting the outposts. Hopefully this will reduce the accidental deletion of outposts
  • Clan officers can change the clan descriptions and kick members from the clan.
  • When installing cannons you will see their effect on speed in the port ship description.
  • Known blueprints no longer drop for the crafter
  • Enable/Disable enemy communications option now works in instances
  • Ignore list now does not allow trade invite spam
  • Extra graphical options are added for land visual settings (to lessen the land effect in large battles close to the shores)
  • Disengage command now cost 45 preparation (works both ways)
  • Unprepared ships start with 25 preparation when boarding begins (you are in battle and are somewhat prepared to boarding fight anyway)
  • Price movements are disabled for NPCs - producing ports make and sell goods at one price, purchasing ports buy goods at one price to fix several minor bugs allowing random high income in several cases.
  • NPC resource consumption increased for several goods
  • NPC purchase price bonuses removed
  • Bot behavior bugs fixed before major overhaul in the future - no work on bots will be done for 1-2 months
  • Penetration systems slightly improved
  • Hammocks bonuses increased
  • Grind has been somewhat addressed by lowering the XP thresholds

Fixed bugs:
  • Several redundant messages removed
  • Battle circle of death synchronization bug fixed
  • Ingermanland is now a proper 4th rate
  • Steel tool box now gives absolute bonus not % bonus
  • Several bugs for NPC behavior fixed
  • Several boarding visualization bugs fixed
  • Several repair time bugs fixed
  • Several graphical bugs fixed on Le Gros Ventre
  • FXAA can now be switched off forever (it was enabled every time you launched a client)
  • Several minor bugs with crew management fixed
  • Bot reload bugs fixed
  • Cutter positioning on water in the OW somewhat improved

Multiple bugs and problems probably introduced.
Expect the patch tomorrow. Steam announcement will come out tomorrow as well.

Next content patch will focus on issues mentioned in the development priorities poll

Creo que podriamos usar el hilo para sugerir cambios (evitando simplemente quejarnos del famoso cambio de no poder capturar barcos de guerra de la IA).
Soy encantan las galletas.
Última Edición: 12 Abr 2016 16:41 Por CeltiberoCaesarAug.

Re: Parche 9.7 12 Abr 2016 16:49 #75971

Estamos muertos.

Mejor hubiera sido poner la norma: Los britis ganaran este juego.

Por lo que entiendo, ni una limitación a las naves de 1ª. Ninguna limitacion a los horarios de puerto. No limita el auto-hundido antes que la captura, Eso si, se acabaron los barcos de mierda capturados,. pero no los mercantes.....
Última Edición: 12 Abr 2016 20:42 Por CeltíberoClearco.

Re: Parche 9.7 13 Abr 2016 17:04 #75975

Bueno. podemos hacer una lista de sugerencias justificadas (no un simple "esto porque me favorece") y crear un hilo en su foro, a ver si se nos oye un poco y no solo a los ingleses. Recordar que esto es un alpha y como tal puede cambiar y cambiará según el feedback de la comunidad, si ningún español defiende el punto de vista anti-ingles ellos seguirán recibiendo mejoras (pese a que no creo que sea así la historia).

Luego pasando al tema de los famosos barcos... creo que tienen buena intención, la comparta (probablemente seré el unico) pero lo han hecho un poco drastico. Me explico.... su finalidad, creo haberles entendido y la comprendo, es eliminar los barcos de usar-tirar y el descuido/poca importancia que le daban los jugadores a los susodichos. La gente, yo no poque no puedo, se dedicaba a capturar un 3ª y estrellarlo (metaforicamente) contra lo primero que pilla, sin ningún cuidado de conservarlo (para uqe lo voy a hacer si puedo capturar otro). Su objetivo es que los jugadores cuiden muy mucho sus barcos y se preocupen de no perderlos, darle mucho más valor a los barcos y su construcción.

Luego... el tema del balanceo, parece que es un tema prioritario para el próximo parche. Debiera haber sido prioritario para este parche, antes que los puertos y demás, creo yo.
El problema de que "los ingleses sean tan tochos y nosotros tar pardillos" es que simplemente son más, muchos más. Hay que poner cota a eso... una idea, que quiero proponerles, es crear algún tipo de recurso nacional que sea requerido para la construcción de los buques a partir de cierto nivel... de esta forma, se limitan los barcos de cierto nivel por facción de forma que todas las naciones puedan tener el mismo número. Esto llevará a que las naciones menos llenas se llenen pues los jugadores podrán obtener esos recursos y/o las más concurridas serán pocos los que saquen buques pesados.
Soy encantan las galletas.

Re: Parche 9.7 14 Abr 2016 06:31 #75981

  • CeltíberoGil
  • Shogun Legendario [Admin]
  • Temas: 2548
Algunas sugerencias:
Disparar a las velas y desarbolar un barco debería dar más puntos. Es muy difícil desarbolar un barco apenas reporta experiencia. Por no decir que te estás jugando el tipo ya que mientras tu disparas al velamen, el otro te está hundiendo.
Lo mismo se puede decir del abordaje. Abordar un barco requiere mucha más preparación que simplemente hundirlo. Ninguna de estas acciones recibe una experiencia acorde a su dificultad y al tiempo que requieren.
Los piratas no deberían poder entrar en las misiones de los jugadores. Es una clara ventaja sobre las demás facciones. Ningún jugador humano de otra facción puede entrar ni siquiera para ayudarte si no está en tu grupo. Además de fastidiar la misión, consiguen una ventaja excesiva en el ataque. Y ni siquiera tienen que tarjetearte...

Los veloces no tienen la carrera, ni los poderosos la batalla... porque el tiempo y el suceso imprevisto les acaecen a todos. ( Ecle 9: 11)

Re: Parche 9.7 14 Abr 2016 09:57 #75983

Me suena que alguien dijo que quitaban las horas de conquista... Pero si no,e podrian poner 2 franjas pm/am, si lo pones a las 4:00 tambien a las 16:00 estará disponible.
Soy encantan las galletas.
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