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Re: ROYAL-DRAGONS 20 Abr 2011 15:43 #54463

  • Dragon-Duroc
I will no longer speak of this issue (even though our disagreement remains)

I just wanted to mention that I have asked Marq to add me in his Friend's list since Day 1 of the problem. But he has ignored my request. That is why I posted in our embassy.



Re: ROYAL-DRAGONS 06 Sep 2011 08:42 #57636


hello dear celtiberos,

Royal Dragons bring to all celtiberos a warm salute!!!

Royal Dragons are organizing a tournament on NTW3: " Dragons and Friends 2 ". We invite you to join us in this competition.
We welcome all friends to fight and show us the quality of your armies and your keen eye in tactical and strategical warfare.
Only the strongest will survive and will get fame and glory.
A banner will be rewarded at the end of the tournament for your efforts and your victory.
This tournament is a merciless competition, but courtesy and fair-play must prevail between participants. We are all passionate players.
We await you. Prepare your ammunition, sharpen your bayonets and prepare yourselves for the greatest NTW3 battles!!!
The fury of the fights will be there.
Wishing all gamers the best of luck and may the best players win.

Emperor Nansouty
Royal Dragons

Registrations click on
Closing registrations; 14-09-2011 at midnight.
Opening tournament 15-09-2011

We hope to see you soon on battlefields for epic matchs ,


marshall DAVOUT Ambassador

Re: ROYAL-DRAGONS 06 Sep 2011 14:48 #57640

Thanks for the invitation Davout and luck in the tournament.


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