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TEMA: LegioIVFlaviaFelix Embassy

LegioIVFlaviaFelix Embassy 13 Jun 2011 17:20 #56468

  • {IV-FELIX}Lollo04
Hi all!
I am Lollo04, embassador of Clan LegioIVFlaviaFelix, an italian clan created by fans of total war series. We are growing a lot and we are achieving a lot of important aims. One of these aims is to be very well-known on the international scene. So, in order to achieve this aim, we are starting relationships with a lot of famous international clans :D
This is our website\forum:
I open my embassy here in order to bring you our greetings, hoping that this will be the beginning of a very lasting friendship between our clans! :D
I also invite you to open an embassy in our forum. This is the Embassy section:
You'll find all the information there: how to register (all free) and how to open the embassy! The instructions are obviously in english and are located behind the logo in the embassy section ;)

Still lots of greetings to you all by Clan LegioIVFlaviaFelix! We are waiting you in our forum. You will be welcome^^
See you soon,

Re: LegioIVFlaviaFelix Embassy 14 Jun 2011 02:32 #56478


Thank you very much for your invitation. :birra:

Our ambassador will present in your castle to thank you and start a cordial friendship between us.

Grazie mille.

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